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4G3120 - Sentry Four Drawer 31.5" Deep Two Hour Fireproof And Impact Resistant Vertical Legal File - 4CF2C-5000 - Formerly Schwab

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The Schwab Series 5000 UL Class 350-2 Hour Fire and Impact Rated 4 Drawer Legal Vertical fire file cabinet undergoes some of the most rigorous testing done by Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. for the classification of 'Records Protection Equipment'. The 2 hour fire endurance test requires the file to be heated to 1850°F in 2 hours. The explosion test requires an empty furnace to be heated to 2000°F, the file is placed inside and the furnace is re-heated to and kept at 2000°F for 30 minutes.



Unsurpassed fire and water protection for your business records.  The SentrySafe 2 Hour Rated 4 Drawer Legal Vertical Fire File safeguards your information, business records and other irreplaceable contents against loss from the ravages of fire.  The kind of "peace of mind" you expect from SentrySafe.

  • Impact: UL Classified 30-foot drop test -- eqivalent to falling two stories; contents remain intact and locked
  • Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee
  • Manufacturer's limited warranty
  • UL Classified explosion hazard resistance against explosions in case of sudden exposure to intense heat
  • UL Classified fire endurance 2 hours at 1700° F
  • Plunger key lock secures all drawers
  • Drawer-specific "lock/unlock" provision provides additional security by isolating access to specific drawers
  • Lined interior conceals cabinet insulation and protects contents from unwanted dust
  • Rugged suspension system design ensures smooth and easy drawer movement -- even when fully loaded
  • Drawer layout flexibility accommodates letter size hanging file folders
  • Seamless design provides a sleek, attractive high-end appearance
  • Easy-to-use recessed handles with label holders

Fire resistant - assure protection from temperatures reaching 1700º F for two hours - far greater than the normal business fire.

Impact resistant - Impact: UL Classified 30-foot drop test -- equivalent to falling two stories; contents remain intact and locked.







Shipping Wt.

31.5" Deep 4 Drawer Legal Fireproof File  4G3120 Inches Inches Inches   Lbs.
Legal Size - Classified by UL as to fire AND IMPACT resistance: Class 350º - 2 Hr.

Exterior Dimensions







Interior Dimensions   10.3 15.1 26 9.2ft 800


Lock Options

Standard Lock Medeco Lock Hamilton Digital Lock
Included +$82.00 +$242.00
  UL Rated Medeco Security Lock
For those consumers who desire the extra protection that a security classified lock affords, the Medeco key lock design safeguards against lock picking, manipulation, drilling, pulling, and other forms of attack. Restricted key duplication protects against unauthorized key access. These features, combined with Schwab's unique file construction, yield the only fire file that is virtually impossible to break into without leaving distinct visible evidence.
Leguard Digital Lock
The electronic digital lock gives the benefits of multiple combinations and ease of combination change. An easy to see digit pad allows the user to open the lock in about seven seconds, or change the combination within a few minutes.
Group 2 Combination Lock Key Locking Combination Lock Group 1R Combination Lock
+$129.00 +$135.00 +$225.00
Group 2 Combination Lock
The three-digit combination lock offers extra security and convenience to users.
Key Locking Group 2 Combination Lock
One way to achieve dual control, this three-digit combination lock won't operate until the key lock is opened. Dual control can also be achieved through use of multiple key locks, which prevent the file from opening unless all key locks are opened.
Group 1R Combination Lock
The special design of this lock makes it difficult to manipulate open, or use x-ray technology to open, yet gives the user the extra security and convenience of a combination lock.

Color Options

Color Options

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SKU:  4G3120
Weight:  800.0000
Manufacturer:  Sentry Safe